Registered nurses make the difference

Hear from the real experts:

Xrzary Hernani, RN

“I think registered nurses are both scientists and artistic in so many ways. We not only base our knowledge from books, everything is based on experiences as well and not only that we do establish a good interpersonal relationship for patients and families and I think that’s really important as we don’t only enhance health, but we basically enhance the quality of life.”

- Xrzary Hernani, RN

Mari Guerrero, RN(NP)

"It's an absolutely privilege to be that nurse practitioner that people trust and people go to, and to be able to be the one to help them."

- Mari Guerrero, RN (NP)

Sarah Poole, RN

"Being proactive, being preventative -- these really forward-thinking ideas are all part of being a registered nurse"

- Sarah, RN

Sheila Owens, RN

"You're learning, in-depth, the science behind why you are doing an intervention -- It's about the knowledge behind the skill."

-Sheila, RN 

Dr. Sean Clarke - McGill University

"When we have more registered nurses on the ground looking after patients in acute care hospitals we find that the rates of negative outcomes go down" Dr. Sean Clarke - McGill University

Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy

"The evidence says we need to pay attention to the numbers of registered nurses involved in care, when they're involved, and the role they play."

- Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Leading Canadian Researcher at Dalhousie University

Brett Bachelu, RN

"As a registered nurse we can provide the teaching and implement the necessary referrals to lessen the burden on our actual hospitals -- instead of just reacting to the patient's problem we can help eliminate it in the first place..."

Richel Okkerse, RN

"As a registered nurse, we care for you. I do care, whoever you're gonna be."

- Richel Okkerse, RN

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