About RN(NP)s

RN(NP) Role:

Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioners) are registered nurses with additional education and training. This education allows them to provide expanded health services to clients and families. They are able to diagnose and treat common medical disorders, prescribe medications and treatments, and provide referrals to specialists. RN(NP)s work in rural and urban hospitals and clinics and improve access to care.  

Several studies show that RN(NP)s provide just as good of care as physicians. RN(NP)s ease the burden on the healthcare system and assist in providing high quality health care. Due to the positive contributions RN(NP)s make to patients and the health care system, the opportunities for RN(NP) roles is increasing.

NP care can improve patient access.

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NP care improves patient satisfaction.

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NPs can positively impact healthcare costs.

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