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When an expectant mother is admitted, she can be as nervous as she is excited. It is the role of the RN to ask the right questions and identify any complications early on. Should a problem arise, their knowledge and experience can often help save the lives of mother and child.

RNs can greatly reduce the rates of complications during childbirth.

"It’s not just the mum, it’s the baby, it’s the family and its knowing how to put all those pieces together”

— Maggie, RN, Labour and Delivery, Yorkton Hospital

The RN’s in-depth assessment of the condition of both mother and baby ensures any potential complications are detected and dealt with early. This also includes constantly monitoring the fetal heart rate to make sure the baby is doing well during both labour and delivery. The RN is a highly skilled professional who is trained to handle both uncomplicated deliveries as well as a number of possible complications.

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Helping keep mother and child safe every step of the way.

No two labours are exactly the same. They can often be long, complex and painful processes. It is the job of the RN to be ready for anything, while keeping the mother as comfortable as possible and helping deliver the baby safely.

A registered nurse is trained to deliver a baby if necessary.


“Babies don’t have a voice, and so I am their voice”

From eclampsia to a ruptured uterus to signs of diabetes, RNs’ special skills and knowledge help them to identify potentially dangerous complications along the way. They know when to alert a doctor, but are often capable of handling these issues on their own.

Deanna, NICU RN

When parents have to go home at night we can honestly say to them: "your baby is in good hands, we will take care of your baby.” The happiest moment are sending babies home with their families because you can just see the joy radiating from their parent’s faces.

Babies born as young as 25 weeks are surviving more often than ever thanks to the work of neonatal intensive care (NICU) registered nurses and doctors and advances in technology. The NICU nurse is at the baby’s side more than any other member of the team.
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Postnatal Care

The end is only the beginning.

When a new mother and child’s time in the hospital comes to end, the real work begins. But the advice and support that registered nurses provide during this crucial time will be an invaluable part of their journey.

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“Thinking of all the work that went into saving that little life, sending that baby home with that family, it’s very rewarding.”

Beth Saunders, RN, Neonatal

With unparalleled knowledge and experience, RNs have the unique ability to see both the big picture and the smallest conditions. They simply know what to watch out for, and this can make all the difference in your baby’s delicate first few days of life.

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From the time an expectant mother arrives at the hospital to the day she brings her baby home, the work registered nurses do is a true labour of love.