Future registered nurse will be advocate for Aboriginal health

Future registered nurse will be advocate for Aboriginal health

My main reason for deciding to pursue a Registered Nursing career in Saskatchewan was to advocate for Aboriginal health. I believe that my people are at a time in their existence where positive role models are needed. I have an interest in making a difference not only through the care I deliver but by being a part of a much needed strive for change. I think that something needs to be done to assist aboriginal people in a movement towards a greater good and I have aspirations to make a difference for my people.

I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges First Nations people face in terms of the social determinants of their health and I would like to be a part of building a better healthcare system, not only for Aboriginal people but for all of Canada.  And why stop there? - The world.  

I can see that there are changes that have been put in place to address health care from a cultural, First Nations perspective; however I would like to be a part of something greater, something inspirational, something that Aboriginal people can relate to. I have goals to touch my people and show the youth of tomorrow that they can make a difference today.

I first decided that I wanted to become a registered nurse when I stumbled upon a booth at a career fair. I have now been in the nursing program for a year and my goal is to become an advocate for Aboriginal heath. I am hopeful that I will have support through my education and beyond in my hopes for a better health outcome - one that is proactive rather than reactive.

Celeste Okemaysim, Student, Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing, SIAST