Patient story: Registered nurse gave me the will, strength & knowledge to fight

Patient story: Registered nurse gave me the will, strength & knowledge to fight

I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 8 years ago - I think with a lot of people, when you get that diagnosis of cancer, you immediately think it's a death sentence.  Registered nurses taught me that cancer is not a death sentence anymore.  They taught me that there are all kinds of things you can do to make sure you stay healthy and strong while you're going through the process of trying to kill the disease.

My registered nurse gave me the will to survive. She gave me the will, the strength and the knowledge to fight and I do think I'm alive because of her - she had a huge part to play in that. Her knowledge base was very important - she knew what she was talking about. Her patience, her kindness and her caring really made a difference.

I was the most important person in the room whenever I was with my registered nurse and that was really special.  She cared about me as a person - the whole person not just the disease. She cared about everything.

My registered nurse was there right from the beginning. She was in the room when they took the biopsy. She was there when they gave me the results and she was there the night before the surgery. She was there the morning of the surgery. She was there after the surgery and she was even there when I went home.

My nurse gave me hope. In a very, very dangerous situation she gave me hope. She helped me through the pain. She didn't take it away she helped me deal with it face on - And that gives you strength.

I think a lot of people miss out on the person in the medical profession and it's the nurse that reminds everybody that we're dealing with a person, not a disease. I think that's an important thing to tell everybody.

I think registered nurses go into the profession because they are care-givers - because they care about people. I think that's a natural talent nurses have and that's why they're there. They're chosen to be there because of that natural talent.

Cynthia Rodgers