Patient story: “Thank you for touching my heart and my life”

Patient story: “Thank you for touching my heart and my life”

The first time I met Janice was when I was waiting to go for my brain aneurism coiling.

It was really scary. Just being in the hospital is scary, but she was there - she made me feel warm inside. She was compassionate, caring and skilled. Her knowledge of her job truly made a difference.

The whole experience was very traumatic, scary and unknown.  The surgery was one thing but then there were also the MRI's, the angiograms and the CAT scans.  Many times I'd just had enough but she was always there and she would explain what was going to happen, how long it might take and how I'd feel after – she was by my side through it all, making everything a little easier.

As my nurse she was incredibly reassuring, not only caring for me but for the needs of my family too, which I think goes hand in hand because it was a very traumatic thing that we were all going through.

She honestly, genuinely cared. And not only for me – I was in a room with four other people, all of us with different needs, and she spent time with each of us.  

She was like an angel to me - That was a very traumatic thing I went through and she was there throughout it all and I will never ever forget her - Ever. Thank you. And that’s not even enough. Thank you for touching my heart and my life. Thank you.

Sherry Smyth-Cochrane