Registered Nurses are Educated to Provide Expert Care

Registered Nurses are Educated to Provide Expert Care

"I’m an RN with 21 years of experience, most recently 15 years in Pediatrics at the RUH in Saskatoon.  I’ve always been proud to work as part of a team to respond to patients’ and families’ needs and provide quality care.

I’ve had many examples of this over the years:  one in particular involved an 8-year old who injured her kidney falling off the monkey bars at school, and wound up in Pediatric Intensive Care.

When I came in to work the morning after the child had been moved to our ward for observation, I went in to introduce myself to mom and the girl, something I do all the time in case I don’t get back to see them until much later.

The little girl was being observed, assessed and tested, but as the day progressed, I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.  In the evening, the doctor ordered an urgent CT scan. I stayed after work to go with the little girl.  I wanted to find out what was wrong with her. 

Not long into the CT, the radiologist called the doctor and the child was immediately sent to Intensive Care and intubated to alleviate a build-up of fluid flooding her lungs.  I tried to keep mom calm through all this, explaining everything that was being done for her daughter.

I am happy to say that the little girl made a full recovery, after a few days in PICU.  I was grateful that my experience had told me something was wrong, and that I was able to help her come through this ordeal ok."

Linda Asztalos RN