Registered nurses have a passion for what they do

Registered nurses have a passion for what they do

My first experience with the health care system was at the age of 19 when I was just out of high school and my dad suffered a traumatic brain injury. He spent the greater part of 6 months in the hospital and I got to know the nurses who cared for him very well. The only way that my family and I could leave him at the hospital each day was with the knowledge that those nurses would be looking after him. It was from then on that I realized that I needed to do the same for other families as what those nurses did for mine.

I love doing what I do and I am so proud to be able to call myself a Registered Nurse. I have a huge amount of passion for my job - a lot of which comes from my past experiences. It also comes from the people that I work with. I work with a tremendous group of people that I get to share my days and experiences with.

I love my job and not a lot of people can say that.

We have a lot of critical, acute or emergency situations on my ward which means high tension, stressed families and often complicated family dynamics. I know what it feels like to be in that situation from my own experiences – that feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to comfort both the patients and their families. It's my job as a Registered Nurse.

Every patient that comes through those doors is scared and rightfully so. If I can take their fear away or make it easier for them or if I can simply make them laugh, whether they are living or dying, and just make them comfortable then it’s all worth it.

Janice Mallot, RN