Registered nurse’s expert care makes the road to recovery easier Registered nurse’s expert care makes the road to recovery easier

I am a RPN with 30 years in the Sunrise Health Region. I recently was an inpatient in our hospital post cancer surgery. During my stay I had what I would need to describe as the absolute pleasure of being cared for by a registered nurse named Doreen Suschinsky, a lady I have seen in the cafeteria over the years but have never met. She was the night nurse for two shifts and I have never been treated with such amazing skill and compassion. She was reassuring, educating and humorous. I had warm blankets, cold packs and constant monitoring of my pain. She was the only staff member that talked about my cancer and caring for my surgical wounds. She stopped at the beginning and ends of her shifts and reassured me that no press of the call bell would be too small of a request. As you can hear staff caring for others at night, her calm and reassuring voice could be heard during the coughing and moans of my hall mates. I cannot say enough about the talent and compassion this woman demonstrates, but she is someone that should be recognized and commended for all the lives she has touched, including that of my own. I have been home one week post op, and know that she made my initial steps on this road so very much easier.

Deb Link, RPN