Nurse Practitioners Make a Difference Nurse Practitioners Make a Difference

"A lot of people say how much they appreciate the work that we do. It is far from glamorous, and each day is challenging, but there are so many rewards to being a Nurse Practitioner. My work is about the attainment and preservation of health and dignity for all of my patients and their families during some of their most challenging times.

It was my grandpa's terminal illness that exposed me to the health system. I witnessed a need in health care and I chose this path as a means of addressing the needs of patients and families like my own. Being attentive, empathetic and genuinely compassionate are necessities to being an effective Registered Nurse, however it is difficult to articulate the complexity and value of our work. I have accompanied patients and families through some of their most joyous and challenging times - It’s not an easy job, but there’s nothing more rewarding.

I’m a compassionate advocate and care provider. I provide health education, ensure comfort and promote wellness in every patient interaction – that’s how I make a difference."

Michael McFadden RN(NP)