Registered nurses make the healthcare system work Registered nurses make the healthcare system work

People often ask me if I like being a registered nurse and if it’s a difficult job.  To be honest, it can be hard at times, but for me it is entirely worth it – especially when you can actually see the difference you are making in people’s lives.  To be there, and provide support to people through some of their most important and powerful moments (birth, illness, and death) is incredibly rewarding.  Registered nurses are the coordinators of care in the health care system – I like to think of us the “moms”.  We do it all, we make the “household” function.  We provide expert care, plan, protect, nurture, teach, organize, manage and love our patients as our “medical family”. 

We are the “ties” that hold everything together and are with patients and their families every day, every step of the way, responding to their needs and helping them to understand what’s going on and what all of their options are.

I do what I do because it challenges me. The greatest reward is being able to reach people in so many ways, care for them and empower them to maximize their health and general wellbeing and to know that I was able to provide the knowledge, support and encouragement to truly make a difference in their lives.

Julie Fry, RN